Lummox Labs Privacy Policy

Hi! Here is a human-readable privacy policy from Lummox Labs.

In our apps, we use Firebase (from Google) to get information about how people are using the apps. We're trying to answer questions like:

  • Does anyone leave the sound effects on?
  • How many levels does the average user play?
  • Is there a level people are getting stuck on?

With this information, we can't see what an *individual* person is doing in the app. We can't check which level YOU are playing right now, or see how long YOU have been using the app.

Your game data (like what levels you finished and how many diamonds you got) is saved on your device, and in your iCloud account if you have one. We can’t access that data at all.

Things we don't do:

  • We don't collect your name, phone number, email address, Apple or Google account information
  • We don't collect your device ID
  • We don't collect any payment information
  • We never send any email or push notifications
  • We don't sell or give away any information to any other company