Noodles 2



Lummox Labs (Michael Busheikin)
Based in Toronto, Ontario Canada

The Team

Development: Michael Busheikin,
Tatiana and Rafal Rybak
Sound: Robby Duguay
Design: Jeremy Jeffery
Marketing: Ramsey Marra

Release Date

April 8, 2021


iOS and Android


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Regular Price

Free to download
One-time unlock for $1.99 USD

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The Breakdown

Noodles 2 is the follow up to the widely successful puzzle game Noodles! (over 1.5M downloads, 4.5 out of 5 rating in 40 countries, Apple App Store of the week, Starbucks app of the week)

Noodles 2 is a relaxing, strategic puzzle game. It’s the perfect combination of fun and challenging. It’ll leave you feeling relaxed, stress-free while strengthening your brain muscles. There’s only one simple rule: Tap the noodles to rotate them and connect all the noodles together to complete the puzzle. That’s it!!

You’ll soon discover a zen-like, calming sense of order and the rush of satisfaction that happens when the noodles connect to complete a puzzle.

Now if only all life’s puzzles were as straightforward…


Noodles 2 has your favourite parts of the original and then gives you more.

  • Noodles 2 is now free to try.
  • Over 10,000 new puzzles, unlocked all at once. No timers, gem crates, or unbeatable levels.
  • Classic game mode, plus 3 all-new challenge modes.
  • Challenge puzzles with wraparounds, wifis and ghosts.
  • Wraparound puzzles will let you achieve your dream of playing a puzzle in a cylinder.
  • Light and dark modes, each more relaxing than the other.
  • Unlockable customizable premium colors, so you can noodle in your favourite mode.
  • Keep your progress in the cloud, to bring with you to a new phone The cloud!

Lummox Labs History

Lummox Labs was created in Toronto, Ontario in early 2015 to make indie mobile games.

Michael Busheikin is Lummox's founder and currently the only employee. He heads up development, prototyping, testing, coloured rectangular interface design, workplace health and safety, cloud computing initiatives, and office DJ'ing. He works with friends, ex-colleagues and local sound and art talent to finish each game.

Michael has been working in mobile for a long time. He’s worked in Toronto, San Francisco and London, at BlackBerry (when it was RIM), several startups, LinkedIn, Netflix, and on side projects at Button Mash Games.


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