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Sushi Go is out! Get it here (iPhone or iPad)!

Sushi Go! is a strategic card game about picking and passing sushi! The popular card game by Phil Walker-Harding, published by Gamewright is coming to iPhones and iPads, with adorable animation, computer AI, online multiplayer, achievements and more!

Each round, each player chooses sushi one-by-one from their conveyor belt full of options, and then pass the remaining unchosen sushi around the "table". Every choice comes from a new set of sushis! 

Sushi Go has serious strategic elements, but it's easy to play with kids 8+ too.  

Hi, Sashimi!

Hi, Sashimi!


Lummox's first game Noodles, is out! Get it on the App Store!

It's a cheeky little app, and is hands-down the best rotating-noodle puzzle you'll play this year. One of the best, at least. Look how cute it is!

Noodles is for iPhone and iPad, and works best for people who love to connect pieces. Pieces love to be connected.

How many sides? Six, maximum. No heptagons here, thanks. #neversevensides

Want some more info? Some screenshots? Check out this press pack (.zip).

And here's a sweet little .gif made by Vlad from

Can't ... look ... away ... 

Can't ... look ... away ... 

Forbidden desert

Try your luck with friends against an unforgiving desert. Check out the website, or get it RIGHT NOW on the app store.

Forbidden Desert is a thrilling cooperative adventure based on the best-selling board game.

"Forbidden Desert is definitely one of the best co-op board games in the App Store." - Touch Arcade

"Anyone looking for classic board game goodness should grab this." -

"Quite possibly my favorite digital board game interface ever." - Pocket Tactics

Your mission to recover a legendary flying machine has just been thrown into chaos. An unexpected sand storm has forced your helicopter to make a crash landing. Now, stranded in the vast desert and exposed to an unrelenting storm, your only hope for survival is to quickly excavate the ancient city, find the parts to the flying machine, and rebuild it to escape.

In order to survive your team must work as one. Forbidden Desert is a co-operative board game designed for 2–5 players. Share water and equipment and collaborate to plan the best strategy for victory.

An unrelenting storm, disastrous sand dunes, and a blistering desert sun — Forbidden Desert is an incredibly challenging board game that will test the limits of your team's skill. Does your team of adventurers have what it takes or will you become another artifact of the Forbidden Desert?

∙ Play cooperatively with 2-5 players
∙ Play single-player by controlling multiple adventurers
∙ Learn the game with an in-depth Tutorial and Rulebook
∙ Enjoy beautiful artwork from the original game
∙ Collect Game Center Achievements
∙ Save games in progress and return to them later

Forbidden island

Forbidden Island is a cooperative game of strategy and courage as you and up to three other adventurers attempt to capture the four ancient treasures hidden on a sinking island. It's a thrilling adventure based on the best-selling Gamewright board game.

Does your team have what it takes to breach its borders, capture the treasures, and make it out alive?

Get Forbidden Island on the App Store!