Lummox Labs

Mobile app maker since 2015

I'm in a lab coat!

I'm in a lab coat!

Lummox Labs was created in early 2015 to focus on building best-in-class mobile apps. Based in Toronto, Lummox is focused on indie game projects and freelance mobile client development, mostly in the consumer space.

Michael Busheikin is Lummox's founder. He heads up development, prototyping, testing, coloured rectangular interface design, workplace health and safety, cloud computing initiatives, and office DJ'ing.


Michael has been working in mobile since (almost) before it was cool. With experience as an employee at BlackBerry (when it was RIM), several startups, LinkedIn, as well as side projects at Button Mash Games, he has lived and worked all over the world, for companies big and small, on all manner of apps and supporting infrastructure.

Now let's see how amazing mobile in Toronto can be...

Lummox Labs is a proudly no-heptagon company.